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E.C.S. offers fast professional service for your Heating, Air Conditioning and Ice Machines. With competitivbe rates and hight customer satisfaction. Count on us for equipment sales and repairs on Package Terminal Air Conditioners and Ice Machines. Maintenance is recommended at 6 month intervals for these units.



    • Keeping the units coils clean allows for efficient operation
    • Extends unit life by easing stress on the system
    • Simple cleaning and maintenance prevents costly repairs
    • Keeps room at a stable temperature
    • Clean air filters remove dust and particulate making rooms refreshed
    • Clean coils prevent must, mildew, and mold by removing moisture from the air
    • Dirty coils lead to Musty Air when the unit is operating

Ice Machines

-Ice Machine cleaning
First Time Cleaning for $175.00 per machine 
    • To be performed every 6 months, sooner depending upon machine's environment
    • Takes two to three hours per machine when done properly
    • Removes mold, calcium, and debris that will affect the system's operation
    • Machine sanitization to reduce bacterial growth
    • Includes bin cleaning and sanitization
    • Ensures safe and reliable ice prodcution