We offer mobile audio services which range from stereo systems with or without a P.A. option to anti-eavesdropping devices we can do it all.

Anti-eavesdropping devices are used to fill voids such as ductwork in which sound can travel a long distance. These can also be installed near or at the door frames to lessen sound transmission. Anti-eavesdropping devices emit a low-level sound to fill voids, mask doors, and create a blanket of sound to prevent your conversation from being heard. These units can be mobile or installed in a permanent location such as duct work.

Commercial 70-volt stereo systems are a great way to liven up your establishment whether it be radio, satellite radio, streaming services, or any way you want to bring sound to your customers. New systems and system upgrades such as speakers are a great way to re-liven your old audio system. With technology constantly advancing there are many more options available than in the past but these are more expensive.

 Some new developments in the field of acoustics has brought us directional speakers which can be used to target sounds at individuals. These directional speakers are great for places with lots of displays containing sound or background noises as they emit sound in a straight lines. These lines of sound allow you to direct the audio as you would a laser and can only be heard when in an area where the speaker is pointed.